Michael Ippolito

Gran Prix Dressage

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Michael Ippolito on Warnissimo, Florida 2008

Michael Ippolito

Gran Prix rider and trainer

European training on American soil

Michael Ippolito is a classical Gran Prix dressage trainer and competitor who grounds his riding style on a rigorous European technique acquired during his training at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. His approach goes beyond superficial tricks to develop genuine understanding between horse and rider, a strategy that can prepare the rider for competing at the highest international levels.

The art of dressage

Sculpting the horse into the healthiest and most serviceable top line takes the touch of an artistic rider who is able to determine the most productive silhouette. It is at this point that science and beauty complement each other to create an expression that most can appreciate.

Classical training

Equestrian expertise from the source

Michael Ippolito with Arthur Kottas, Atlanta 2018
Michael Ippolito and Arthur Kottas, Atlanta 2018

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